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Every year hundreds of panicked clients call their travel agents. Suddenly, they can’t get on their cruise or flight or they’ve been turned back at the airport or port. Officials are ordering them onto the next flight home. Why?

They have a criminal record.

These records can be minor or decades old. Often the traveller never considered that the record may still be active.

The fact is a US or Canadian criminal record never goes away even if the person receives a Record Suspension, pardon, or expungement.

You can help your clients avoid the hassle.

Waivers are available for Canadian and US residents with criminal records, allowing them to cross the border. We can help.

A Record Suspension can be useful for someone who needs a visa to travel to a foreign country. This will seal their record so that they can provide a clear background check to visa officials.


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Get in touch with our partnership manager. We will help you set up an account and become a referral partner. This will allow you to earn a commission on every client you recommend to our service. Your unique ID will allow us to track both online and offline referrals.


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Did you know 1 in 8 Canadians has a criminal record? In the United States the ratio rises to 1 in 3! No doubt there are a huge number of clients out there who need your help.
Our partnership manager will contact you to help set up your account. Our tracking system will record your referrals and sales and you will receive a commission.


How to promote our services

You can place links and banner ads on your site to let potential clients know that you offer this service. We will track the link to our site. We can also provide you with relevant blog posts that will help build your SEO for this service and let visitors know that you can help.
Do you have a email newsletter? Sending out information about pardons and waivers is a good way to let people know about the service. You may find existing clients willing to refer friends and family. We can send you a referral link that you can include in your newsletter.
There are numerous options for promoting pardons and waivers to your clients. Talk to our partnership manager today.


Tracking through the Affiliate Dashboard

Once you become an affiliate partner you'll be issued your own unique tracking code. This code will allow us to track your progress through the Affiliate dashboard and provide you with your commission.
If you have a high volume of clients, we may even be able to provide seamless co-branding or white label opportunities. If you are interested in this level of service, talk to our partnership manager.