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About AllCleared

AllCleared was formed to help our customers get cleared for what matters – work, family life, travel, volunteering
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This is our story

AllCleared has helped over 100,000 clients get cleared for what matters – career, family, volunteering and travel.

Originally formed in 1989, under the name Pardon Services Canada, AllCleared was one of the first companies created to help Canadians get back on track through pardons and US Entry Waivers. As our expertise grew, so did our service offerings. We now also offer certified immigration services to Americans travelling to Canada, standard and expedited processing, emergency waivers and a guaranteed financing.

AllCleared’s technological platform ensures the safety of your personal information and puts our clients in the drivers seat with increased transparency. When you choose AllCleared, you can log in to your personal private portal any time to view the status of your file.

Our third area of innovation is our partnerships with public agencies. With our long-standing record and commitment to service, we have been able to develop partnerships across the country. One of our police partnerships allows us to process your file four months faster by expediting your record checks. We have also been working with agencies such as the Parole Board of Canada, the Department of Homeland Security, courthouses and police departments for much longer than the majority of other Canada pardon companies. We have a thorough understanding of their processes and regularly update our own procedures based on the most current information.

Don’t waste time waiting for other companies to get up to speed on your file. Choose experience and get cleared faster.

How we help

We help Canadians put the past behind them:

  • Seal your record and move forward in your career
  • Enter the US for work or vacationing
  • Travel abroad
  • Volunteer
  • Qualify for college and university programs that require record checks

Come to Canada:

  • We help Americans enter Canada
  • Temporary, emergency, and permanent waivers are available
  • Qualify for jobs requiring travel
  • Study in Canada
  • Visit friends and family

Seal your record for work and travel

  • We guarantee an accepted application for the Record Suspension (Pardon), US Entry Waiver, or Canadian Waiver.
  • We guarantee all client information is kept in the strictest of confidence and all files are destroyed once the service is completed.
  • We guarantee all clients have access to our low-interest, no-hassle financing plans.
Azmairnin Jadavji
Azmairnin JadavjiPresident & Chief Executive Officer
Azmairnin Jadavji founded Pardon Services Canada in 1989 when he realized that 13% of the Canadian population has a criminal record and many of those individuals were unaware of their right to apply for a Pardon, now called a Record Suspension.
Over the last 25 years, Mr. Jadavji has been a legislative advocate for individuals with a past criminal record and has built awareness in communities across Canada regarding record suspensions and US entry waivers. The company was built on the understanding that everyone makes mistakes, but everyone also deserves a second chance and a fresh start. Pardon Services Canada changed its name in 2017 to AllCleared to reflect its increased service offerings, including Canadian immigration services.
Chuck Mercier
Chuck MercierVice-President
An established leader in public safety and local government, Charles “Chuck” Mercier provides oversight over the innovation and expansion of our relationships with business partners, government agencies, and other institutions as AllCleared moves to provide industry-leading services to its customers across Canada and the US.
Chuck comes to AllCleared with 32 years of police service that includes time as the Deputy Chief of Durham’s Regional Police Service, and 4 years as mayor of Scugog Township. He is a Member of the Order of Merit, the Honorary Colonel of the Ontario Regiment, and a recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for his service to veterans.
Athena Turner
Athena TurnerOperations Manager
Athena Turner is in charge of managing accounts, client services, and the day-to-day operations at AllCleared. Her degree is in criminology with a specialization in legal studies. She has experience with immigration and is currently working towards her consultant certification. She has held different positions at AllCleared and thoroughly understands the Record Suspension and border crossing application processes.
Edward Hoang
Edward HoangRegistered Immigration Consultant
Edward Hoang specializes in client services and document processing for individuals with previous criminal convictions. As a Registered Immigration Consultant, he also helps US residents come to Canada.
Ali Hissi
Ali HissiSenior Client Advisor
Ali advises clients on their options for crossing the border and sealing their records. Ali helps clients design packages that meet their needs and is available for free confidential consultations.
Louis-Victor Jadavji
Louis-Victor JadavjiCustomer Experience
LV is the driving force behind Pardon Services Canada’s innovation. He helps strategize experiences that meet the needs of our clients with clear branding, informative campaigns, and intuitive design.
For over 25 years, Pardon Services Canada has differentiated itself through the powerful use of technology. Today, it delivers an integrated experience through its automated application tracking system and client applications.
Curtis Wensley
Curtis WensleyInfrastructure Architect
Curtis oversees the most efficient Client Relationship Management suite available. This customized software integrates all aspects of client services including form management for government documents and automated credit card payments, which enables fast and professional client service.
He utilizes best practices and new technologies to increase productivity, so our staff is able to expertly manage our client applications for Record Suspensions and Waivers. All of this ensures that our staff is able to deliver exceptional results to meet our client needs.
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