Time to start fresh?    AllCleared can help.

Maybe your fresh start involves having to deal with a criminal record to get that new job or travel between the US and Canada. Perhaps your fresh start simply involves moving to Canada to work, study, or visit.

Either way, AllCleared (formerly Pardon Services Canada) is one of Canada’s oldest legal services companies helping clients start fresh up to 4 months faster than anyone else.

Start your new future today. AllCleared is here to help.

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AllCleared helps you seal your record to build a better tomorrow.

  • A Record Suspension (Canadian Pardon) removes your criminal record and makes you bondable.

  • A US Entry Waiver allows you to enter the US without risk of arrest, deportation, or property seizure.
  • A Canadian Waiver allows you to enter Canada, freely.

We help ensure your past criminal record doesn’t limit your future.

Our dedicated and knowledgeable team of pardon and waiver experts has assisted over 100,000 people since 1989. We are efficient, reliable, and affordable. We are so fast we beat anyone’s timeline by up to 4 months. Free up your life, today.

Get back on track faster

  • An intuitive 2-minute eligibility program

  • No hassle financing based on your budget
  • A secure online portal that allows you to check the status of your application anytime and anywhere
  • Secure data storage optimized to protect your privacy
  • Vetted staff and file storage areas
  • Partnerships that help your file move forward faster

Success stories from our clients

I didn’t have to deal with the police or the courts. AllCleared handled everything. It was confusing to do it myself…and it would have taken me longer…for what it cost it was well worth it.

Bob-Lethbridge-Testimonial-AllclearedBob, Lethbridge, AllCleared client

They were upfront about the fees, processing time, what to expect…Clearing my name gives me a second chance for jobs.

Marnie-Toronto-Testimonial-AllclearedMarnie, Toronto, AllCleared client

Ultimately, what you get from AllCleared is a specialist to handle the paperwork and keep on top of your file … it does guarantee an error-free application, with software that tracks the paperwork through every stage.

Jamie-Prince George-Testimonial-AllclearedJamie, Prince George, AllCleared client

AllCleared helped me take my kids to Disney World!

Curtis-Calgary-Testimonial-AllclearedCurtis, Calgary, AllCleared client

The staff at AllCleared were absolutely amazing and professional.

Guillaume-Trois-Rivières-Testimonial-AllclearedGuillaume, Trois-Rivières, AllCleared client

All the Staff talk to you like you are a ‘decent’ person, a changed person and not a criminal…. I love that!

Eva-Saskatoon-Testimonial-AllclearedEva, Saskatoon, AllCleared client

My initial call was great. After some info and direction, I was able to quickly begin the process.

Trinh-Vancouver-Testimonial-AllclearedTrinh, Vancouver, AllCleared client

They get the job done and it’s money well spent.

Herb-Mississauga-Testimonial-AllclearedHerb, Mississauga, AllCleared client

During the the application process in person, help was provided that was essential since I was working overseas and only had little time to apply while in Canada.

Gustav-Port-Moody-Testimonial-AllclearedGustav, Port Moody, AllCleared client