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Simple Marijuana Conviction? There's a whole new pardon process for you--it's time to start fresh.
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What is a Pot Pardon?

A Pot Pardon (Cannabis Record Suspension) is for individuals with convictions only of simple possession of marijuana who have completed their sentence. It means you are eligible to apply to have your criminal record set apart from other criminal records in the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database. A Pot Pardon allows you to pass employment background checks and enjoy other life-changing opportunities.

Why do I need a Pot Pardon?


  • Free consultation and eligibility check
  • Court and police check requests and follow up
  • Obtaining military conduct sheets (if applicable)
  • Faster document requests through our police partner
  • Measurable benefit statement review
  • File compilation
  • 24/7 secure client portal access


Our experienced team helps you with your application for a cannabis record suspension (pot pardon) so you can advance your career, volunteer at your kid’s school, travel, and live your life without the stress of your past holding you back.


How do I get a Pot Pardon?

Canadians have the option to apply for a Cannabis Record Suspension on their own by downloading the application and guide from the website of the Parole Board of Canada.

Our company offers convenience and faster processing than completing an application on your own. Our services include assistance at every stage of the process.



Step 1 - Check your eligibility

Find out if you are eligible in 2-minutes using our highly secure online calculator.

Step 2 - Pick a payment plan

Find the financing plan that suits your budget. You’re already approved—it’s that easy.

Step 3 - Track your status

Log in to your secure private account available 24/7 to monitor the progress of your file.

Step 4 - Record Sealed

Apply for jobs, travel, and volunteer with confidence. Begin your application process, today.

Not sure if you qualify for a Pot Pardon?

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How much does a Cannabis Record Suspension/Pot Pardon Cost?

*Based on a 16-month payment plan

Success Stories

“I didn’t have the time to apply for a pot pardon, the paperwork alone was hard to understand. I called AllCleared. It was the best thing I have ever done. AllCleared took care of everything and made sure my application was in proper order.”


“When the legislation for pot pardons went through I took advantage and called AllCleared right away. I wanted to clear my criminal record immediately. Now I can volunteer at my daughter’s school!”



“Getting a pot pardon just made sense. Recreational cannabis is now legal in Canada, I should not have it on my record. AllCleared walked me through the entire process and took great care of me. I highly recommend their services.”


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