Pardon & Immigration Services

Easy to understand guidelines for record suspensions, Canadian entry waivers, US entry waivers, and immigrating to Canada.

Want to clear your record?

A record suspension, also known as a Canadian pardon, removes your record from the CPIC database so you can confidently apply for housing, employment, and volunteer positions.

Want to enter Canada?

A Canadian entry waiver allows US citizens to enter Canada with confidence and ease despite their criminal record. The reason for your trip will determine your type of waiver.

Want to enter the US?

A US entry waiver is an application made through the US Department of Homeland Security that allows Canadian citizens to legally cross the border for work or pleasure with confidence.

Want to come to Canada?

Immigrate to Canada through one of our various immigration programs and start fresh in a new country that offers a wealth of social and employment opportunities.

Success Stories

“Getting a record suspension was the best thing I ever did. AllCleared handled my file with precision and accuracy. I am so grateful I called AllCleared. The whole process was easy and faster than anyone else.”



“I’ve always wanted to visit Canada. I love the outdoors, fishing and hunting. My criminal record was holding me back. A friend told me to call AllCleared. They walked me through the whole process of getting a Canadian Entry Waiver. Now I can visit Canada whenever I want!”



“Finishing my studies in Canada was always a dream to me. I called AllCleared and they helped me get a student visa so I could experience Canada and finish my education!”



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