Meet AllCleared: Pardon Services Canada is changing its name

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Pardon Services Canada is pleased to present our new name AllCleared. Our clients understand change and so do we. Pardon Services Canada is refreshing its image with a new name and, coming soon, a new website. Over the next few weeks, [...]

Weekend Roundup: Marijuana bill survives senate vote

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Marijuana legalization Cannabis bill survives Senate vote Despite fears that senators would not allow the bill to legalize recreational marijuana to pass, it easily survived second reading. Conservative senators continued to express concerns. Read more at the Georgia Straight Could [...]

Marijuana industry: Can you get a job with a criminal record?

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The marijuana industry in Canada is growing. This year, Canada will be introducing legalized recreational cannabis to the nation, which means a lot of people are excited about possible employment opportunities. Medical marijuana companies, which are expected to also be [...]

Retirement: Can you be a snowbird with a criminal record?

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Retirement in the US is an attractive proposition for many Canadians. There are no major language or cultural barriers, Americans are friendly and welcoming and, usually, you can get a deal on the dollar. Many Canadians like to buy or [...]

Weekend Roundup: BC labour shortage affects one in 25 jobs

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Jobs and economy One in 25 jobs going unfilled in BC BC has the biggest labour shortage in the country with one in 25 jobs going unfilled. The construction and service industries are the hardest hit. Read more at HuffPost [...]

Real estate agent: Can you get a licence with a criminal record?

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A criminal record could prevent you from being licensed as a real estate agent. To become a real estate agent in Canada, you must disclose a criminal record when you submit your application to be licensed. You will also need [...]

Urgent TRP: Can you apply to enter Canada at the border?

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Applying to enter Canada with a DUI or other criminal offence can take some time. As a result, many US residents would prefer to submit their Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) at the border or airport. An urgent TRP at the [...]