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Meet AllCleared: Pardon Services Canada is changing its name

Pardon Services Canada is pleased to present our new name AllCleared. Our clients understand change and so do we. Pardon Services Canada is refreshing its image with a new name and, coming soon, a new website. Over the next few weeks, you’ll start hearing the name AllCleared. But don’t worry. Your files, portal access and accounts … Continued

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Weekend roundup: Manitoba NDP leader sought pardon

Criminal Records Wab Kinew applied for pardon for his past mistakes Wab Kinew, the new Manitoba NDP leader, has revealed that he received a pardon for two offences, and that he applied for the Record Suspension to “mark the progress that I’d made as a person.” Read more at the Winnipeg Free Press A criminal … Continued

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Record Suspension application: How is it reviewed?

Applying for a pardon (now called Record Suspension) can be a long process. After going through all the steps of collecting the documents and completing the application, the Record Suspension application package is sent to the Parole Board of Canada. For many people, this is the most stressful part. Once in the hands of the … Continued

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Calgary criminal record check: How to check your record

There are many reasons you might need a Calgary criminal record check. These include: Applying for jobs Volunteering Attending certain college or university programs Getting a licence for types of employment such as taxi driver or security guard Record Suspension or US Entry Waiver Immigration How to get a Calgary criminal record check online Many … Continued

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Weekend Roundup: Marijuana legislation too harsh on youth?

Economy Canadian economy adding jobs The Canadian economy added 22,200 jobs and the unemployment rate dropped in August. However many of the job gains were due to self-employment and part-time work. Read the article at Global News Should Canada support Boeing? What benefits does this big aerospace corporation bring to Canada? Doyletech Corp., a research, … Continued

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Studying health care with a criminal record in Canada

Healthcare programs are some of the most popular and competitive programs at Canadian colleges and universities. With an aging population, these sectors offer graduates excellent prospects for salary growth and employment stability. Studying health care is not out of reach for people with a criminal record, but it could be challenging. Many Canadian colleges and … Continued

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Ken Pagan story shows benefits of rehabilitation

Ontario resident Ken Pagan is one example of how people struggle to get back on track after a criminal offence. Pagan is infamous for throwing a beer can at a Major League Baseball (MLB) game in October 2015. Pagan was given a conditional discharge, earlier this year, which means that if he fulfills the conditions … Continued