Meet AllCleared: Pardon Services Canada is changing its name

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Pardon Services Canada is pleased to present our new name AllCleared. Our clients understand change and so do we. Pardon Services Canada is refreshing its image with a new name and, coming soon, a new website. Over the next few weeks, [...]

Weekend Roundup: Ontario could prohibit discrimination on the basis of a criminal record

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Criminal Records Ontario bill could prohibit discrimination based on a police record An Ontario bill that would ban discrimination based on a police record has been forwarded to committee. The proposed bill would amend the Human Rights Code. Read more [...]

Moral Turpitude: What is it?

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If you have a criminal record you may or may not be able to enter the United States. The US determines admissibility based on a complicated concept known as moral turpitude. There is no exact definition of moral turpitude in [...]

Job search: Do you need to disclose a criminal record to an employer?

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There is a lot of conflicting advice on the Internet about whether or not you need to disclose a record to an employer during a job search. The best advice is that you don’t need to disclose anything unless asked. [...]

Weekend Roundup: AllCleared raises awareness about travel with a record

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Travel AllCleared speaks to Radio-Canada about border security AllCleared Vice President Chuck Mercier recently spoke to Radio-Canada about increases in border security measures which affect people with minor records. Read more at Radio Canada (in French) Halifax Airport introduces facial [...]

Film industry and criminal records: A Guide for cast and crew

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There's a special relationship in the US and Canada film industry. Cast and crew travel frequently between Toronto, Vancouver, New York and Los Angeles. Many popular US films and TV shows like Deadpool and Supergirl are shot in Canada and [...]

Limitations of a Record Suspension: 8 things a pardon can’t do

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A Record Suspension (pardon) can improve your life. There is no reason you should hesitate to get one if you are eligible. Once you have a Record Suspension, you can apply for background checks without worrying about the results. This [...]