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Meet AllCleared: Pardon Services Canada is changing its name

Pardon Services Canada is pleased to present our new name AllCleared. Our clients understand change and so do we. Pardon Services Canada is refreshing its image with a new name and, coming soon, a new website. Over the next few weeks, you’ll start hearing the name AllCleared. But don’t worry. Your files, portal access and accounts … Continued

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Weekend roundup: Canada releases report on pardon reform

Criminal records Canada releases results of public consultation on pardons Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says the results of the consultations will be used to determine the pardon reform suggestions the government proposes. Read the press release Public feedback on pardon reform The government asked Canadians what they thought of Record Suspensions and they had … Continued

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Certified Criminal Record: How do you request it

A Certified Criminal Record is required for a Record Suspension or US Entry Waiver application in Canada. This record is requested from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) and contains your fingerprints and details of your convictions. You will need it to get your documents from courts and police departments. Getting fingerprints for a Certified … Continued

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Record Suspension review: Public shares feedback

The Parole Board of Canada has released the results of its public consultation on Canada’s Record Suspension system. Record Suspension is the current name for what used to be called a pardon. The Record Suspension review is the first step to reforming the system to make it fairer for Canadians with criminal records. This consultation … Continued

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Weekend roundup: Marijuana tax planned

Marijuana Legalization Government plans excise tax on recreational marijuana Government of Canada plans to add 10 per cent excise tax on recreational marijuana once its legalized. One grower says it’s about what was expected. Read more at CBC News Alberta rolls out plans for marijuana sales Alberta has announced its plans for providing legalized marijuana … Continued

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Toronto Criminal Record Check: How to check your record

Many people need to get a Toronto criminal record check. The number of health facilities, colleges and universities, volunteer organizations and employers means there’s a great deal of demand. As well, you need to get a criminal record check to get a Toronto business licence. Criminal record checks are generally done at GTA police services … Continued

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Job Interviews: What to say about a criminal record

For most people job interviews are stressful experiences. For a person with a criminal record, there’s an added dread. Will the record come up? What should the applicant say? Will the interviewer be understanding? Given our digital age, most employers are asking for criminal record checks. The chances that a criminal record won’t be an … Continued