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A criminal record will follow you for life unless you do something about it. A Record Suspension (pardon) helps you break free.

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  • Advance in your career
  • Qualify for college and university degrees in law, health, social work and more
  • Volunteer
  • Travel to Mexico, Europe, Australia, Asia and all destinations outside of the United States
  • Become bondable

Don’t get fenced in. Remove your record and put the past behind you.

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Most pardon services companies make you wait for your Certified Criminal Record before they collect your documents. Our partnerships allow us to start doing the police checks right away. This can save up to four months of waiting!

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Am I eligible?

Whether or not you are eligible depends on the seriousness of your conviction and how much time has passed. The current waiting times to apply for a Record Suspension are:

Summary: 5 years

Indictable: 10 years

You can be turned down for a Record Suspension if you have recent negative police conduct or if the Parole Board feels your offences were too serious. You will have an opportunity to respond before they deny your application.

If you are turned down you can apply again in one year.

If you have not been in trouble with the police for the past five or ten years, you have a good chance of success on your first application. Don’t put off an opportunity to achieve your goals.


plans starting from $82 / mo

  • Live phone support
  • 3 day document turnaround
  • Guaranteed accepted application
  • Fingerprinting, where available
  • Mail sent by Xpress Post
Average completion time of 8 months


plans starting from $131 / mo

  • Four months faster through our police partner
  • Assigned senior specialist
  • 1 day document turnaround
  • Guaranteed accepted application
  • Fingerprinting, where available
  • Mail sent by Xpress Post
Average completion time of 4 months