Love Knows No Borders

With the arrival of spring, love is in the air—romantic picnics, walks in the park, watching the sunset…the list goes on and on. Falling in love is on everyone’s mind no matter where you live. Love is something we all search far and wide for, some have even said, the world over.

The world is a pretty big place filled with many borders and border crossings, but the heart wants what the heart wants, border or no. If you’ve found love in another country and have a criminal record, crossing the border to meet your soulmate may prove difficult, but not impossible. After all, love knows no borders.

Technology stole my heart.

Dating apps are helping us connect with potential lovers from all over the world. Set your geolocation and you can meet someone as close or as far away as you choose. You can even travel to say, Hawaii and your app will readjust your location so you can talk to other singles in the same city. Technology is not only changing the way we live our lives, but it is also redefining the way we find love.

Unfortunately, love can be cruel, especially if you fall in love with someone from another town, city, or even country. It can mean long-distance love and most of you know how those relationships tend to work out.

Have a heart.

A recent study in 2018 suggests, in the United States alone, 14 million people consider themselves to be in a long-distance relationship. There are many things that can encourage or even help the heart endure the distance, such as daily skype conversations and visiting each other at least twice a month, but if you have a criminal record the latter may not be possible, or is it?

Every problem has a solution.

That’s where we come in. AllCleared has been helping people start fresh for 30 years. Back in 1989, we wanted to help people through pardon (record suspension) applications, US Entry Waivers, and Canadian Entry Waivers. These three products give you freedom.

Follow your heart.

If you’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with someone in Canada, but live in the US and have a criminal record, you need a Canadian Entry Waiver. Traveling into Canada with a criminal record can be complex, especially if you don’t know your choices, that’s why you need to call AllCleared. We are aware of all the possible ways to travel to Canada, in fact, we know the best option for your situation.

Get at the heart of the matter.

The Canadian Government deems anyone with a criminal record inadmissible to enter into Canada. This puts that latest love interest north of the border almost out of arms reach. AllCleared has been helping individuals with past criminal records, start fresh. This means we have the knowledge to help you move forward in your life whether that be through employment travel into or through Canada, or so you can follow your heart and be with the person you love the most.

Eat your heart out.

We offer what is called a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) for those of you looking to become admissible into Canada for a temporary amount of time. A TRP can be issued for up to three years with multiple entries allowed. A TRP is a short-term solution and you can renew a TRP, but it must be in Canada.

A TRP is one solution if you are inadmissible to Canada, but if you want to make repeat visits to the country, a permanent option is Criminal Rehabilitation. This application can be made five years after the completion of your sentence, and once you are approved, you will have more freedom to visit Canada. The application takes a bit longer than a TRP, but if you are eligible, it’s a good option.

It’s important to note, you can apply for an urgent TRP, while you await your Criminal Rehabilitation application. This can get you into the country in as little as 4-6 weeks. If you are scheduled to shoot on location in Canada, now you can plan ahead.

To further understand your options, contact us today and find out your best solution to get into Canada quicker than you would with any other company. It’s time for you to follow your heart.


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