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Experience the freedom of unlimited travel to the United States. Do what you love, anywhere.

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A US Entry Waiver opens up the world to you

  • Cross the border without hassle.
  • Protect your family and travel companions from questioning.
  • Take advantage of conferences, family gatherings, vacation deals and exciting sports, concerts and cultural events.
  • Qualify for jobs in trucking, rail, airlines, high tech and more.
  • Take the kids to Disneyland and other popular spring break locations.
  • Catch connecting flights to exotic destinations.
  • Become a snowbird and retire in warmer climates.

Our innovative system takes you through the steps to get your waiver

A Canadian pardon or Record Suspension is not recognized by the United States. A US Entry Waiver allows you to legally cross the border. Overcome your criminal record and experience peace of mind travel. Here’s how to get started:


Complete the form

Find out if you are eligible in two minutes. Our eligibility tracker will answer your questions.


Pick your payment plan

We have flexible financing plans to suit every budget. You're already approved.


Watch your application status

Log in to your private account 24/7 to check the progress of your file.


Status cleared for US entry

You could be down south by next year.

Get cleared four months faster

Most companies make you wait for your Certified Criminal Record before they collect your documents. Our partnerships allow us to start doing the police checks right away. This can save up to four months of waiting! Get through your US Waiver application fast and get started on your freedom.

Enhanced data security

Your file will be protected by our advanced technology and secure servers. This ensures your privacy and continuity of service.

Track your progress

Log in anytime to check your application's status. This service is updated automatically to ensure that you are never left in the dark.

Physical security

Our document processing site has been inspected and is authorized by the Government to hold PROTECTED information.


Leave your US Entry Waiver to the experts

Our expertise ensures that you can rest easy while we handle all aspects of your file.

We’ll ensure that all documents are compiled and complete. Your time is valuable. Don’t risk having your file sent back or denied due to missed details.

  • Experienced border waiver processing since 1989
  • Up-to-date progress tracking software that ensures your file is kept in priority mode
  • Guarantee that your application will be accepted as complete by border officials
  • Established relationships and partnerships with Canadian courthouses and police detachments
  • Expert review of personal statements and reference letters to help you get the best results
  • Secure login to allow you to track the status of your file


plans starting from $82 / mo

  • Live phone support
  • 3 day document turnaround
  • Guaranteed accepted application
  • Fingerprinting, where available
  • Mail sent by Xpress Post
Average completion time of 8 months


plans starting from $131 / mo

  • Four months faster through our police partner
  • Assigned senior specialist
  • 1 day document turnaround
  • Guaranteed accepted application
  • Fingerprinting, where available
  • Mail sent by Xpress Post
Average completion time of 4 months