Two award-winning nationwide legal support providers join forces to help free people from their past


VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA – 27 November 2018 – AllCleared (Formerly Pardon Services Canada), one of Canada’s oldest legal service companies dedicated to helping clients clear their criminal records up to 4 months faster than anyone, is pleased to announce its recent partnership with award-winning, not-for-profit legal support provider, Legalline. This alliance will give clients access to more resources to better understand their legal options and obligations.

This strategic partnership combines Legalline’s 25 years of legal expertise with that of AllCleared’s 29 years of specialization in Record Suspensions, US and Canadian Entry Waivers. AllCleared will offer clients free consultations to all Legalline referrals in addition to information about the record suspension and waiver process, review other potential solutions and professional services, and offer immigration services for living, working, studying, and traveling in Canada.

“LegalLine’s not-for-profit model and expertise fits with our mission to give people a fresh start,” stated AllCleared Founder & CEO, Azmairnin Jadavji. “Both parties are very excited about this partnership, it means we can combine our specializations to reach and help more people clear their past criminal records. Everyone deserves to be freed from their past and together we can help, one person at a time.”

AllCleared and Legalline are known advocates for people living with legal issues and/or criminal records. This partnership advances both parties’ client reach across Canada and means those people wanting to improve their life through new employment, volunteering, or travelling across the border for work or pleasure, will now have better resources to make it happen.

About AllCleared – 

AllCleared is the longest running specialized record suspension (pardon) and waiver company in Canada and has helped over 100,000 clients clear their past criminal record. They have continued to develop their services to help Canadians move forward in life through record suspensions, US entry waivers, Canadian waivers, and now through expanding immigration services. AllCleared has well-established working relationships with the Police Forces and Courts in Canada and the US, the Parole Board of Canada (PBC), the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).


About Legalline – 

LegalLine is a Federal not-for-profit organization that has been helping Canadians since 1993. As a free public service, they offer easy access to Canadian law. They have over 1,600 answers in 42 areas of law to help the public educate themselves and make decisions with confidence and understanding. LegalLine also provides assistance to find lawyers, public bodies, and professional services. They offer a 24-hour helpline, legal answers in 107 different languages, free guides, valuable government and professional resources, and information that covers Federal, Provincial, and Territorial law.

LegalLine is a highly-respected organization with numerous accolades. LegalLine’s founder, Antree C. Demakos, has been the recipient of the Access, Equity and Human Rights Award – one of Toronto’s highest recognitions, honoring her for the transformations she has made by reducing discrimination and barriers to equality. LegalLine is also an active participant of United Nations Sustainable Development Goalsa global movement paving the way for international justice, equity, sustainability, social and economic development.

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