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Read about issues related to crossing the US border and US Entry Waivers. A US Entry Waiver will allow you to enter the US with a criminal record.

US Entry Waiver: Who needs to apply?

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If you have a criminal record and you would like to enter the United States you may need a US Entry Waiver. This application, if approved, waives your inadmissibility to the United States. Other reasons a person could be denied [...]

US Entry Waiver: What is it and how does it help?

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A US Entry Waiver is a preclearance document that allows you to visit the US even if you are inadmissible. A common reason for inadmissibility is having a criminal record. A US entry waiver is also called a temporary waiver [...]

US Entry Waiver: How do you enter the USA with a criminal record?

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In order to enter the USA with a criminal record, you will usually need a US Entry Waiver. However, not every type of conviction requires a waiver, so if you have never been denied entry to the US, contact us [...]

US Entry Waiver requirements: How to make an application

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There are many US Entry Waiver requirements that you should be aware of before you start your application. Getting a US Entry Waiver is not as simple as filling out a form. Certified Criminal Record The first thing you need [...]

Where do you get a US Entry Waiver?

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A US Entry Waiver is issued by the Department of Homeland Security. However, the process to obtain one requires a few steps and a little legwork. Getting your fingerprints In order to request your Certified Criminal Record, which you will [...]

Denied entry: What happens at the airport?

By |2018-04-20T13:16:28+00:00April 20th, 2018|Categories: Criminal Rehabilitation, TRP - Canadian Temporary Resident Permit, US Entry Waivers|Tags: , , , , |

Being turned away at the border is inconvenient and embarrassing, but being denied entry at an airport can be much worse. Some people with criminal records don’t bother to get the necessary travel waivers before travelling between Canada and United [...]