Weekend Roundup – Canadian News

Every week we look for stories being covered in Canadian news outlets for our Weekend Roundup. These are headlines related to criminal records, marijuana legalization, crossing the border and Canadian jobs and economy.

Weekend Roundup: BC’s first cannabis store hiring

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Legalization BC seeks employees for Kamloops cannabis store The BC Liquor Distribution Branch held a job fair for its first cannabis store this week, but it's unknown how a criminal record will affect employment in the industry. Read more at [...]

Weekend Roundup: Should the government pardon pot convictions?

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Marijuana legalization Government considering pardons for pot possession Applying for a pardon in Canada is a costly and time-consuming process. An Alberta judge describes the process in this CBC interview. Should the government pardon possession charges automatically? Read more at [...]

Weekend Roundup: Calgary marijuana possession charges stay steady

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Marijuana legalization Charges for pot possession holding steady in Calgary Despite the fact that recreational marijuana will be legalized in October, there have been no changes in the number of possession charges laid in Calgary. Read more at the Calgary [...]

Weekend Update: New laws in legalization bill excessive say critics

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Marijuana legalization Sentencing under new pot bill excessive say lawyers The government’s marijuana legalization bill imposes excessive penalties for selling or giving weed to youth. Critics say young people would be disproportionately targeted by the penalties which can include up [...]

Weekend Roundup: Trump Wants to Pardon Boxer Ali

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Pardons Trump considers Muhammad Ali pardon Trump said he was considering a pardon for the late boxer Muhammad Ali. However, Ali has no criminal record. Read more at the Alaska Highway News More human rights protections needed for people with [...]

Weekend Roundup: Senate amends marijuana legalization bill

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Marijuana legalization Senate amendments allow provinces to ban home growing Senate amendments to Canada’s recreational marijuana legalization bill allow provinces and territories to ban growing at home. The federal bill allows growing up to five plants. Read more at Global [...]