Marijuana legalization

Charges for pot possession holding steady in Calgary

Despite the fact that recreational marijuana will be legalized in October, there have been no changes in the number of possession charges laid in Calgary.

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No action on pot pardons with legalization approval

Despite the fact that the recreational marijuana legalization bill was passed this week, the government refused to take action on pardons for the 500,000 Canadians with possession convictions.

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Lawyer advocates for pot pardons

A lawyer explains why Canada should consider pardoning those convicted of simple possession charges now that the recreational marijuana legalization bill has been passed.

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What’s next after legalization?

Canada has officially legalized the personal use of recreational marijuana. Vice News canvassed a few stakeholders for ideas on what comes next.

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Criminal records

Law makes it easier to expunge records related to gay sex

Canada’s new law to help Canadians expunge records related to gay sex is now in effect. Those affected can apply to the Parole Board of Canada for free and without the lengthy requirements of Record Suspensions.

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Record check reform coming into force this fall

Almost forgotten bill to regulate what information can be disclosed in an Ontario Police Record Check will come into force on November 1, 2018.

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Where do you get a pardon in Toronto?

Toronto is often considered the economic capital of Canada, but a criminal record can shut a resident out of many opportunities. Learn how to get a Record Suspension in Toronto.

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Canada-US Border

Interesting facts about the Canada-US border

How long is the Canada-US border? What US towns are cut of from the rest of the US by the Canadian border. Where do the two countries share a library?

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Jogger detained for two weeks after crossing US border

A visitor from France said that was taken into custody and held for two weeks after she inadvertently crossed into the US while jogging along the beach between White Rock, BC, and Blaine, WA.

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When does a Temporary Resident Permit expire?

A Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) allows a foreign national to enter Canada temporarily for a specific reason. Learn how long a TRP is good for.

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