Weekend Roundup: Record Suspension report expected in nine months

Criminal Records

MP asks Parliament to send Record Suspension issue to committee for study

Liberal MP Wayne Long put forward a motion this week to ask that the issue of Record Suspensions be forwarded to committee for study and that a final report and recommendations be presented within nine months.

Read the debate at Hansard

Police record discrimination banned in Ontario

A new law, the Police Record Checks Reform Act will prevent discrimination on the basis of records that did not result in conviction in Ontario.

Read more at the Star

Can a Canadian pardon application be refused?

A Canadian pardon (Record Suspension) application is decided by the Parole Board of Canada. In some cases, an application can be denied.

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Will Canadians be banned from the US for using legal weed in Canada?

There’s no clarity on whether or not US border officials will continue to ban Canadians for admitting to using marijuana even after it becomes legal in Canada.

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What are the requirements for a US Entry Waiver?

If you need a US Entry Waiver to enter the United States with a criminal record, there are several requirements associated with the application. Learn what you need to apply for a US Entry Waiver.

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Marijuana Legalization

Activists call for the expungement of marijuana records

Many people believe that the Canadian government should offer amnesty to people charged with marijuana possession.

Read more at Al Jazeera News 

Panel believes big companies will dominate Canadian marijuana

Small companies hoping to grab a share of Canada’s regulated marijuana industry may be shoved out by big players say panelist insiders.

Read more at the Edmonton Journal

Could Conservative delays put an end to legalization?

If Conservative senators manage to delay legalization long enough, could they manage to get it shelved altogether? One columnist argues that it could happen.

Read more at the Halifax Chronicle Herald 

Jobs and Economy

Canadian job growth stalls, but wages grow

Canada maintained a tight job market in April even without adding new jobs. Additionally, wages saw growth.

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Edmonton seeing exodus of workers

Although the unemployment rate lowered in Edmonton in April, an expert says this is because more people are leaving the labour force and possibly the city.

Read more at Global News


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