Perhaps you’ll recognize either yourself or someone else – a friend, relative, coworker – as we relate these inspiring, encouraging, and sometimes heartwarming accounts. Here’s another success story!


Anxious to move from a small town and experience life on his own, this young man moved away to a job he had been offered. In his young years he received a criminal record.


Since his conviction, he has become more mature and moved back home for the support of his family. He had received his Class 1 driver’s license to drive large trucks, but jobs were limited because he couldn’t get bonded or travel to the states. A while ago, he got a job driving 40-ton trucks for a local road construction company. Working ten-hour days, six or seven days a week, he was able to save enough money for a down payment on a house, which he is now renovating.


Now that he’s received a Canada Pardon he’s looking forward to doing volunteer work and participating in group activities.


Receiving a pardon has allowed him to apply for better employment, which would provide greater opportunities. He can also now travel into the US to attend family gatherings like weddings and reunions. He had felt as if his life were on hold, worrying about getting fired and not being able to pay his bills. A pardon has helped to remove these debilitating feelings and put his life back together and sleep with a clear mind.

If you are in similar circumstances yourself, contact Pardon Services Canada for help. You too can gain the peace of mind that he most certainly has.