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Can you travel to Mexico with a DUI?

You can be denied entry to Mexico if you have a DUI on your record from the past 10 years. Whether or not you can enter Mexico with any kind of criminal record is up to the discretion of the border officer. It is possible to travel to Mexico with a DUI, but you could...

Who qualifies for a pardon in Canada?

A pardon, which is now called Record Suspension, seals a criminal record in the national database, which allows you to go on with your life and contribute fully. Once you have a pardon you can apply for jobs and other opportunities with confidence knowing that your...

Start-up Visa Program: How to qualify

In order to qualify for the Start-up Visa Program, you must: Have a qualifying business Have a letter of support from a Designated Organization Meet the language requirements and Have enough money to settle and live in Canada before you make money from your business...

Applying to schools in Canada in three steps

Step 1: Choose a program that meets your goals The first step in applying to schools in Canada is choosing your program. If your long-term plan is to work in Canada, you may want to consider choosing a program that teaches skills that employers in Canada need. Here is...

Are pardons still available in Canada?

Many changes have happened to the pardon system in Canada, which can be confusing to people with criminal records. Eventually a person with a criminal record will want to seal it so that they can go on with life. Technically, pardons are not still available in Canada,...

Getting Permanent Residency through Express Entry

One of the fastest ways of getting permanent residency in Canada today is through the Express Entry system. However, it might not be clear exactly what it takes to qualify. Therefore, I thought I would set out a short summary of the basic requirements for each of the...

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