Pardon Services Canada was pleased to support TEDX Stanley Park with a row sponsorship this year.

TEDX took place on Saturday, March 4, at Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Theatre. The event featured 13 speakers who brought their own perspective to the theme of taking action.

To summarize, we learned that there are things we can do to make the world a better place. Moreover, these are simple, everyday actions. The end result could be reducing the amount of plastic in the ocean or just learning to listen better.

TEDX speakers conquer challenges

In addition, we learned how everyday people overcame challenges. For example, we heard stories about addictions and learning to live with a spinal cord injury.

Some of the speakers included:

  • Green Party leader Elizabeth May
  • Successful Vancouver restauranteur Vikram Vij
  • Producer, speaker and author Bill Stainton, and
  • Accomplished freestyle skier and ski-coach Mike Shaw.

TEDX helps inspire and motivate people to build bridges and become more engaged citizens both locally and globally. As a result, we’ll take these lessons back with us as we support our clients in their efforts to remove their records and move on to a better future.

Finally, thank you to the organizers and the many volunteers that helped make the event happen.