Will a Canadian pardon show up on a background check?

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A Canadian pardon, which is now called Record Suspension, will not show up on a background check. No one will be able to tell that you have a pardon once it has been granted. When you obtain a background check [...]

Job search: Disclosing a criminal record to an employer

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There is a lot of conflicting advice on the Internet about whether or not you need to disclose a record to an employer during a job search. The best advice is that you don’t need to disclose anything unless asked. [...]

Calgary criminal record check: How to check your record

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There are many reasons you might need a Calgary criminal record check. These include: Applying for jobs Volunteering Attending certain college or university programs Getting a licence for types of employment such as taxi driver or security guard Record Suspension [...]

Studying health care with a criminal record in Canada

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Healthcare programs are some of the most popular and competitive programs at Canadian colleges and universities. With an aging population, these sectors offer graduates excellent prospects for salary growth and employment stability. Studying health care is not out of reach [...]

What jobs require a criminal record check?

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Job-seeking Canadians are often required to submit to background checks. Mid-employment checks are not unheard of either. Employers perform background checks to ensure that one’s record does not compromise their ability to perform the jobs required. In some cases, employers [...]