Five years with no change in Canadian pardons

The Liberal government promised changes to Canada’s pardon (Record Suspension) system, but people with criminal records are still waiting for more fairness and accessibility.

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Victim Surcharge case headed to Supreme Court next week

The victim surcharge, which makes it more difficult for some of Canada’s poorest citizens to reintegrate after a conviction, is scheduled to be challenged at the Supreme Court of Canada this month.

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New impaired driving laws come into effect in Alberta

Alberta police can now hand out 90-day suspensions at road-side stops after an earlier law allowing indefinite suspensions was ruled unconstitutional.

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Growing town gets RCMP office

New office means residents of Stratford, PEI, won’t have to travel for background checks or breathalyzer checks.

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Report says marijuana could drive injury rate

Marijuana usage could drive up injury rates in Alberta after legalization according to a University of Alberta report.

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Jobs and Economy

Best and worst places in Canada to find a job

Canada’s unemployment rate continues to be low, but some cities are faring better than others. Find out the best places to find a job in Canada.

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Young men left out of Alberta recovery

Although the economy in Alberta is on the mend, young men are still struggling to find work facing an unemployment rate of 14.6 percent.

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Trudeau will meet with BC and Alberta over pipeline dispute

Trudeau cut short a trip abroad to meet with the premiers of BC and Alberta about the ongoing Trans Mountain oil pipeline dispute.

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Pipeline dispute could cost BC consumers

BC could be facing not only higher gas prices, but also higher grocery prices if Alberta decides to shut down supply of gas to the province.

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Can you enter Canada with a fraud conviction?

Fraud is considered a serious offence in Canada. If you have been convicted of fraud, you will need an application to enter Canada for at least 10 years.

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