Marijuana legalization

Senate amendments allow provinces to ban home growing

Senate amendments to Canada’s recreational marijuana legalization bill allow provinces and territories to ban growing at home. The federal bill allows growing up to five plants.

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Successful retail pot permit holders will submit record checks

Saskatchewan has awarded permits for the retail sale of recreational marijuana. Successful applicants will need to submit record checks, but not all records will prevent them from holding a permit.

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Nunavut may prohibit home growing

Nunavut has proposed marijuana legislation that prohibits the growing of recreational marijuana at home.

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Criminal record

Judge calls for reform of Manitoba record checks

A judge is calling for reform after a Manitoba man lost his job after non-conviction information was revealed on a police check.

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Saskatchewan considering record checks for name changes

Saskatchewan is considering criminal record checks to address the issue of some violent offenders changing their name after police disclose their release into the community.

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Who needs a US Entry Waiver?

A US Entry Waiver is a document that allows Canadians with criminal records to enter the United States, but not all people with records will require a waiver.

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How do you get a pardon in Edmonton?

There are many industries in Edmonton that require a clean criminal record check. Learn how to get your record cleared in Edmonton.

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Jobs and economy

How will steel and aluminum tariffs impact Canada?

The US surprised Canada by revoking exemptions to steel and aluminum tariffs. What’s next for Canadian industry?

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What companies are legally growing marijuana in Nova Scotia?

The CBC profiled three companies that are currently growing marijuana in Nova Scotia. The next step is to get licences to sell.

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Where are Canada’s most in-demand jobs?

Those looking for work in Canada might consider working for Canadian small- or medium-sized businesses. These types of workplaces have some of the most in-demand jobs.

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