The 2 best ways for American flight industry workers to remove the ban on travel to Canada because of their record.

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It may be hard to imagine that the DUI from way back when would hamper your ability to score your dream job, but it’s true. A DUI, even if it was over 10 years ago, can stop you from traveling [...]

Getting a job: Will a pardon help?

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A Canadian pardon, now called Record Suspension, will help you with getting a job in several ways. Once you have a Record Suspension, you’re cleared to apply for almost any career. Background checks The most significant impact of a Record [...]

Weekend Roundup: Bill seeks to ban discrimination on basis of criminal record

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Criminal records Private member’s bill seeks to ban discrimination against people with records Right now, people in Ontario are protected from discrimination if they have a Record Suspension or pardon. An MPP wants to extend protection to all people with [...]

Discrimination law and criminal records in Canada

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Canadians with criminal records face many obstacles in travel, employment, and other areas of life. Some discrimination they experience owing to their criminal record may be unlawful as per Canadian federal and provincial law. Canadian law defines discrimination as any action [...]

Criminal record checks and job searches

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Criminal record checks are often unavoidable when looking for a new job. There is an unfortunate stigma attached to having a criminal record.  Even if you are qualified, you may still be blocked due to a record. What could criminal record checks [...]

Criminal Records and Your Career

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If you have a criminal record, you may very well be looking at difficulty in your professional life for as long as you work. A criminal record doesn’t go away simply because you served your sentence. The record has a [...]