AllCleared is a national pardon and US Entry Waiver service provider with offices in Toronto. You can apply for a Record Suspension on your own or go through our Toronto pardon offices.

Toronto is one of the best places to work in terms of availability of employment. It’s Canada’s economic capital. Whatever, your dream is, you can make it happen in Toronto. However, Toronto is also a competitive job market and because many of the country’s biggest employers are located in Toronto, you are more likely to be asked for a criminal record check while job seeking.

Another thing that people with criminal records need to know about Toronto is that a criminal record check is required for a business licence.

Background checks are also required for driving a taxi or driving for Uber and Lyft.

Education in Toronto

A key driver of employment and training in Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is the number of excellent post-secondary institutions. These institutions are well-placed to provide practical training opportunities with nearby employers.

Criminal record checks are required for many programs with work placements, practicums and internships. This is especially true for programs in health care, social work, counselling, law, security, childcare, teaching and finance.

Film industry

You may not be asked for a criminal record check for working in the film industry. However, there are many cross-border productions being shot in and around the city. Bundle a pardon with a US Entry Waiver in order to take advantage of all the opportunities available in the Toronto film industry.

How to start applying for a Toronto pardon

Get started by contacting our Toronto pardon office for a free consultation. We’ll review your eligibility and help you get started.

If you decide to do your own pardon, you’ll need to download the forms from the Parole Board of Canada’s website. If you apply through AllCleared, we’ll take care of this and your first step will be to obtain fingerprints, which will allow us to get your Certified Criminal Record from the RCMP.

In Toronto, there are a number of accredited fingerprinting locations that we can recommend or you can attend your city police department. Depending on where you live, this might be:

You must attend a detachment within the area where you live. Check the website for instructions because not all locations will offer the service. The website will also give you more details about hours, fees, documents to bring and other useful information.

If you are working with AllCleared, we can continue working on your file. If you are working on your own or with a different company you will need to wait up to four months for your criminal record to come back. This is because AllCleared is the only company that has partnered with a police agency to expedite the collection of your files. Learn how AllCleared processes your Toronto pardon four months faster.

Local Police Checks

AllCleared will assist you with obtaining your local police checks from the places where you have lived. If you have moved around a lot and lived in different cities or different regions of the GTA, you may need to get multiple police checks.

Court documents

Another place where applicants get stuck in a waiting mode is when they request their court documents from Toronto area courts.

AllCleared has been in business since 1989. We have aggregated data about every process in the application, including wait times for all of the courthouses in the Toronto area. There is one Toronto court that is averaging over two months to provide clients with the court documents they need to apply for a Record Suspension. Other courts take over a month. Because we have spent time collecting and processing this data, AllCleared is proactive in following up and helping you get your documents in a timely manner. With our expedited process, we can usually obtain these documents while we are waiting for your certified record from the RCMP.

Get started on your Toronto pardon

A pardon or Record Suspension seals a criminal record in the national police database so that you can apply for jobs and other opportunities with confidence. Take advantage of all the benefits of living in Toronto by sealing your record. Contact AllCleared’s Toronto pardon office at 1-866-972-7366 for a free consultation.