Earlier this week, we had a guest writer give insight about the current standing of Uber in BC, (because it is long overdue in this province) and it made me think that this blog could most certainly do with an overhaul. Uber Eats and Uber have proven to be great employment options for many people due to the flexible hours and entrepreneurial-employment structure.

In the US, it is possible to pass Uber background checks with a non-violent record and with DUIs older than seven years depending on the regulations of the state where the driver lives. However, in Canada, it’s a different story.

In Canada, Uber and Lyft have dusted up significant controversy in the few cities where they’ve gained a toehold. Taxi drivers are not happy about the new competition, while many people say taxis need more competition in order to improve service.

However, taxi driver concerns aren’t just about not wanting to compete. They complain that they can’t compete because they have stricter regulations to follow. Taxi drivers are generally subjected to criminal record checks in most municipalities.

As a result, if you want to drive for Uber or Lyft, you may need to have a clean criminal record. In order to convince municipalities to allow them to operate, these companies have adopted stricter policies than those in the United States. In addition, various cities will implement their own policies for licensing Uber and Lyft drivers. For example, in Toronto, you need to get a license, which requires a criminal record check.

Keep in mind that DUIs are considered more serious in Canada than they are in the United States. They will not simply fall off your record with the passage of time.

What is the process for Uber criminal background checks?

Uber uses a third-party company called Checkr to check criminal records. This will review three years of driving history and your criminal record. Uber will provide you with the results in three to five days. If your file comes back “not clear” you may need to submit fingerprints to the RCMP.

Uber’s premium service, UberX, has a “zero-tolerance” policy on any criminal record, but they do not specifically state that unrelated offences would prevent you from driving for their regular service.

Do you need a background check to work for Lyft?

Lyft, a newcomer to the Toronto market, does not screen out all criminal records. However, some types of offences will make a driver ineligible. These include:

  • Federal and provincial driving offences such as DUI, careless driving, driving with a suspended license and failing to stop at the scene of an accident.
  • Any violent crime and sexual offences
  • Drug offences
  • Some types of property crime or theft

Uber fingerprint background checks are conducted annually and you can be disqualified at any time.

What can you do?

Ride-hailing services are relatively new to Canada and regulations are still being created to deal with this new “disruptive” way of doing things. If you want to earn cash or make driving your full-time flexible gig, it’s important to have a clear record. This will help you to pass Uber background checks and feel secure that you won’t suddenly lose your source of income due to changing regulations or increased scrutiny.

If you have a criminal record in Canada, you should apply for a Record Suspension as soon as you are eligible. A Record Suspension is available after five years for a summary conviction or 10 years for an indictable conviction. Keep in mind that a Record Suspension will not clear your provincial infractions.

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