Seeing our clients succeed is our #1 goal. Here’s Ben from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan who recovered from his mistake and kept his past from limiting his future.

Ever since my record was cleared, my mindset has been a lot different about people who drive under the influence and how it has affected me over the years. When I was charged with a DUI twelve years ago, I had no idea the severity of my actions. I had drank alcohol at a party and decided with the knowledge that I’d be breaking the law, that I would drive home since it was a quiet night and I lived 5 minutes away from the place I was at. Needless to say, I was arrested, and I’ve paid for it ever since. I’ve worked hard to clean up my life; I have two kids and I’ve held a steady job. Knowing the consequence of losing everything is too much to bear, and it really knocked some sense into me. I see too many people who try and take chances like I did, and then they have to suffer the consequences.