Every year we have thousands of people contact us to help us with their criminal records. Many of them are people with low-level convictions from years prior. Their criminal records show anything from a bar fight or a DUI to petty theft, or disorderly conduct, some of which were committed over 20 years ago. Then there are others under more difficult circumstances who have dealt with drug and alcohol addictions, or mental health issues. These issues make it more difficult for people to get a fresh start, and ultimately, unfulfilling their goal to complete recovery. That is why AllCleared has been a long-time sponsor of Recovery Day, celebrating the ability of those with drug, alcohol and behavioural addictions to achieve long-term sobriety and live productive and healthy lives.

Our ‘Win A Free Pardon’ contest that is held every year in partnership with Recovery Day has always been a favourite festival go-to … and this year was no different. With every festival, more and more people are compelled to come out and support the work that Recovery Day does in helping people. A place like this helps people feel less burdened and open to reach out for help.

Did You Know?
Recovery Day BC has become Canada’s largest mental health and addiction recovery street festival, with over 150 information booths and vendors, over 20,000 people, bands, speakers, kids zone and a beautiful memorial area.

This is our 2021 winner’s story …

I was shocked and surprised when I won as a lot of people entered the competition at recovery day.

Although our winner entered our ‘Win A Free Pardon’ contest at Recovery Day, we found a way to help him a bit differently this year. He has asked to remain anonymous, so we’ll call him Joe, and he has kindly shared his story to help others like him. Joe has a criminal record with minor charges from over 20 and 30 years ago and has missed out on numerous family trips to the United States. Family travel gives the whole family an opportunity to spend quality time together, bond, visit new places and create lifelong memories. Travel creates an opportunity to break away from our daily routine which involves dealing with deadlines, tasks, obligations … All these are bring stress to our daily lives. And without relief and relaxation, it can make life that much more difficult. Joe’s wife is a dual citizen and has close loved ones in the US, including a brother and sister-in-law. He has had to stay home while some of his family members travelled to the US. The last time Joe went to the US was over 5 years ago when he had a valid US Waiver.

We asked Joe what he’d want to say to people with a criminal record who want to travel to the US and he advises that, if people are thinking about applying for a US waiver in the future, leave a bit of time as it takes about a year and does not happen over night.

Ready for another success story? AllCleared has been a proud sponsor of Recovery Day for many years and would like to share Kristyn’s story. Kristyn was our ‘Win A Free Pardon’ contest winner from 2020 and she wants inspire others hoping to get a fresh start.

AllCleared was proud to be a sponsor of this supportive and fun community event. If you would like to know if a Record Suspension or a US Waiver can support you or someone you care about in their goals, contact our client advisors for a free, confidential consultation at 1-866-972-7366.