There are many different reasons you may need a Montreal criminal record check. These include:

If you have applied for a job or volunteer position, you may be asked for a  simple name-based check. This type of check will only tell the interested party if your record is clear. It does not list convictions. Usually, it takes one or two days to get this confirmation. If your record comes back as not clear, you may need to provide fingerprints. This could happen because you have a record or your name and date of birth match that of someone with a record.

There are many private companies that will do a name-based check for you in Montreal. Employers can also do this type of check, but they need to ask your consent first. The local police do not handle this type of check.

Montreal criminal record check at police headquarters

The Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) provide a Certificate of Good Conduct and Judicial record checks at the Module vérification des antécédents at the Saint Urbain headquarters.

If you are applying for a Record Suspension or US Entry Waiver, you also must attend the headquarters for your local police checks.

Vulnerable Sector Check

If you want to work with children, the elderly or people who are vulnerable due to a disability, you may need to get a Vulnerable Sector Check. This check involves submitting fingerprints. The RCMP can process this type of check in three days if you have no record and submit your fingerprints electronically, but it could take up to four months if you do have a record.

Even if a person has obtained a Record Suspension or pardon, sexual offences can be disclosed in a Vulnerable Sector Check.

Certified Criminal Record

A Certified Criminal Record is required for a Record Suspension or US Entry Waiver. This is a document obtained from the RCMP, which lists all of your convictions and the details. You need to get electronic fingerprints taken in order to request them.

If you process your Record Suspension or US Entry Waiver application with AllCleared, we can provide you with accredited agencies that can help you with this.

If you are interested in clearing your record so that you can pass a Montreal criminal record check, contact AllCleared for a free consultation at 1-866-972-7366.