The success of the March 2012 Arctic Winter Games in Whitehorse was due in no small measure to its volunteers. People were needed in many capacities, such as helping with food services, transportation, and security. In order for the games to run smoothly, a total of 1,700 volunteers were needed.

Since all volunteers must go through an RCMP background check, time is of the essence for anyone wanting to volunteer in 2014. This requirement should not deter anyone interested in helping out as conducting criminal background checks for volunteering with most causes is now the norm. Also, if anyone wanting to volunteer has a criminal record, applying for a Canadian pardon (record suspension) will definitely be in order. A record suspension will “hide” your criminal record so that it does not show up in a background check.

Volunteering your time, services, talents, and energies is actually a multi-faceted endeavor with a great deal of benefits. In addition to helping others, it will help you as well. Have you just recently graduated? Are you seeking a change in your career path? Are you reentering the work force after a period of time? Do you seek new challenges?

Also, volunteering could be thought of as a non-networking way of networking. Since networking is an excellent way to discover that “hidden” job market, the source of unsolicited jobs, you might consider it particularly appealing if you are somewhat introverted or simply aren’t comfortable trying the conventional ways to network.

Through volunteering, you expose yourself to other people with similar interests. Along the way, you are bound to learn new skills as you take on the duties and responsibilities for the activity you have committed yourself to. Your leadership potential, willingness to take initiative, desire to assist, ability to function as part of a team – all these assets will certainly be discovered.

More than 2,000 athletes were expected to attend the 2012 Arctic Winter Games. Here are some interesting facts about the event:

  • The participating teams were Yukon, N.W.T., Nunavut, Nunavik, Northern Alberta, Alaska, Greenland, Saami (Finland, Norway, and Sweden), and Yamal (Russia).
  • The first games were held in Yellowknife 1970.
  • There were 19 sports in the 2012 games, including snowshoe biathlon, dog mushing, hockey, and figure skating.
  • The 2012 mascot was a husky dog named Borealis.
  • The 2014 games will be held in Fairbanks, Alaska.

If you feel you are being held back because you have a criminal record, you should definitely contact Pardon Services Canada to obtain a record suspension, which will remove your record from the Canadian Police Information Centre’s database so that it is no longer accessible during criminal record checks. A Client Specialist will ensure that your application will be processed expeditiously and you will be kept informed at each stage of the process.