Yes, your military record can be pardoned after the Record Suspension process.

When your criminal record is suspended, your service record will also be amended. You are eligible after 10 years if you have:

  • An indictable offence
  • A service offence punishable by a fine of more than $2,000, more than six months imprisonment or detention, or dismissal from the army

If you have a summary offence, or an offence with a smaller sentence, you may be eligible after five years.

The process for service records is the same as civilian records. You must apply for a Record Suspension through the Parole Board of Canada.

Part of the Record Suspension process is obtaining your Military Conduct Record from either the National Archives or your Commanding Officer, as required by the Parole Board of Canada. Where your record can be obtained depends on whether or not you were a reserve member, or how long it has been since you left the military. If you are a current member of the military, your conduct record will always be obtained through your commanding officer.