A US Entry Waiver, which is sometimes referred to as an I-192 application or an “Application for Advance Permission to Enter as a Nonimmigrant,” is a document that allows a non-U.S. citizen temporary access into the United States. An I-192 Waiver is required if you have certain types of criminal offences on your record, such as possession, trafficking or theft.

A US waiver is ideal for individuals who are looking to enter the United States on a temporary basis, generally for short visits of up to a few weeks, although longer stays can be permitted. Most applicants obtain a U.S. Waiver for personal vacations, although many also obtain a waiver for work purposes. It’s important to know that although the US Waiver can allow entrance into the United States for work reasons, this is limited to short-term trips – attending conferences, making deliveries, etc. The US Waiver does not allow a non-immigrant to work permanently in the United States.

If you have ever been denied entry at the US border, you will be given a reason for your denial. Generally, the reason given is having a criminal record in Canada, but some are denied entry due to events that transpired at the border itself, i.e. attempting to transport illegal substances. It’s important to remember these details if you want to apply for a US Entry Waiver in the future, as they can certainly affect the application process.

The actual, physical, US Entry Waiver is nothing more than a piece of paper detailing how long you are permitted entry into the United States, and on what grounds. You will also be given a smaller document to staple into your passport.