You can get a job with a criminal record, but it might become an obstacle if a background check is required.

Many employers, particularly in large organizations, will run a criminal record check before hiring a new person. The employer may have many reasons for doing a record check. They may want you to be bondable, which means the company is insured from liability. Even if you would not steal, the insurance company may consider your record a risk and quote the company a high fee for insurance.

Some organizations serve vulnerable people. These include children, elderly individuals, or persons living with disabilities. In order to protect this clientele, the organization will ask for a criminal record check. Even if you are applying to volunteer for no pay, you can expect a request to perform a criminal record check. The employer may even be legally required to conduct a Vulnerable Sector check.

Since a job is essential to your financial health and your ability to develop social connections, you may want to apply for a Record Suspension. Also called a pardon, a Record Suspension removes your criminal history from the police database. Certain offences will still produce a flag in the database if you apply for a job working with vulnerable people.

You cannot be discriminated against for a criminal conviction for which you have received a pardon. Take steps today to get on track to a new working life free of the burden of a past mistake.