Form I-192 is the document Canadians must submit if they wish to overcome inadmissibility to the United States. While most Canadians can enter the United States with just a passport, having a criminal record can result in denied entry.

The types of criminal records that the US considers inadmissible are records showing:

  • Crimes of moral turpitude
  • Narcotic offences

You generally can enter the United States if you have a DUI or some other minor records. If you are not sure if you have a crime of moral turpitude on your record, contact us for a free consultation. If you have been denied entry due to a criminal record, you will definitely need to prepare the I-192 form in order to enter.

The form I-192 is also knows as a US Entry Waiver Application or Application for Advance Permission to Enter as a Nonimmigrant.

Form I-192 is a temporary waiver. It’s issued from six months to five years. It is only for temporary stays such as:

  • Vacations
  • Business meetings or conferences
  • Shopping trips
  • Concerts, sporting events, etc.

If you wish to work or study in the United States, you will need a visa in addition to a waiver of inadmissibility.

Form I-192 filing process

The form I-192 is available on the website of the Department of Homeland Security. However, filling it out is not the only requirement. You will also need to submit a lot of supporting documentation.

This supporting documentation will include information about your convictions, reference letters, drug tests and employment or income information.

You will be required to demonstrate:

  • That you pose no risk
  • That you have valid reasons for wanting to enter the US
  • That you only plan to be in the United States temporarily.

Once you have compiled all of your documentation, you will need to apply in person at a border or airport and pay the fee. Our office will provide you with a list of entry ports that will accept this application. It’s a good idea to make an appointment before you go.

Next steps

From there your application will be forwarded to the Admissibility Review Office, which will generally take three to six months to decide on your application.

If you are ready to start your Form I-192 waiver application to enter the United States, contact us for a free consultation at 1-866-972-7366.