If you have ever been convicted of using a controlled substance, you will be ineligible to enter the United States. In order to obtain a US Entry Waiver, you will need to prove “rehabilitation.” In order to do this, you may provide a drug test.

A drug test is one option for proving rehabilitation.

How to get a drug test

When your doctor recommends a blood test, they will usually send you to a lab. However, you can also go to one of these labs without a physician’s requisition and get a drug test. You should request a 5-panel drug screening. Because this is not a medically necessary procedure, your provincial health care plan will not cover it.

A second option, which we recommend to our clients is to call DriverCheck at 1-800-463-4310. They are a leader in occupational medicine and alcohol and drug testing services. We have been recommending this agency since 2014 and find them to offer the most comprehensive support to our clients.

If you do not want to undergo a drug test, you may want to provide a letter from your physician instead. Keep in mind that your physician may ask you to get a drug test before writing such a letter.

What if I am a medical marijuana user?

Some people were convicted of marijuana possession prior to the legalization of medical marijuana in Canada. Many of these individuals have gone on to obtain licences. Some people are obtaining their services from storefront dispensaries, which are not technically legalized in Canada.

Whether your marijuana use is legal or illegal, you can still face a ban at the border. Many US states have legalized medical marijuana. However, the federal government of the United States has not. US border officials rely on federal law to determine eligibility.

If you are a medical marijuana user, you may be able to ask your physician for a letter. If you were convicted of possessing any other type of illegal drug, you should consider quitting before you try to obtain a US Entry Waiver. They will be looking for evidence of rehabilitation such as completion of a treatment program, a drug test or a physician’s letter. Both Canada and the United States consider recreational marijuana illegal at this time though it may be legal in some US States.

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