There are many reasons you may need to apply for an Ontario criminal record check. These include:

In addition, there are different types of record checks depending on the purpose.

If you need an Ontario criminal record check, in most cases you will contact your local police service. However, some small towns and rural areas do not have their own police service. In this case, you will need to contact the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP). Some services will require you to come in person and others will allow you to mail in an application. Some will even let you apply online.

In most cases you will need to apply at the detachment in the municipality where you live. For example, if you live in Ottawa, you will apply at the Ottawa Police Service.

It’s important to visit the website or call the detachment where you plan to go for your record check to find out the locations, hours, fees, identification requirements and other important information.

Types of Ontario Criminal Record Check

Police Criminal Record Check: This is the basic level of screening. This is the most common type of criminal record for people working in jobs where the company just once some assurance of the person’s character before they hire them. For example, a cashier or cleaning person may need to provide this. This check includes:

Police Information Check: This check goes into more detail also revealing outstanding warrants and charges, peace bonds and other judicial orders, even if they didn’t result in a conviction. This may be required in positions where the people or property may be at risk, but you may not be working directly with children or vulnerable adults. This is also a typical type of record check that you may need to consent to in order to get a job or volunteer position.

Police Information Check – Vulnerable Sector: Only organizations or businesses that work with children or vulnerable adults can request this check and it must be related to the job. Some positions that require a vulnerable sector check include:

  • Nurse
  • Personal support worker
  • Daycare worker
  • Teacher
  • Counsellor
  • Social Worker

This is the only instance where a person who has a Record Suspension could have their record revealed, and then only if they have sexual or violent offences that could pose a risk to children or people who are vulnerable due to age, illness or disability.

Certified Criminal Record Check

Technically, a Certified Criminal Record Check is not done through the local police station, but you may need to go there to get your electronic fingerprints taken. An Ontario criminal record check can reveal whether or not you have a record, but your actual record can only be accessed with fingerprints. This is because the RCMP need to use the fingerprints to confirm your identity so that your information is not released to the wrong person. The RCMP maintain the federal database of criminal records, which is called CPIC.

A Certified Criminal Record Check is required for a US Entry Waiver or Record Suspension. You can get the record by attending a police detachment or accredited private company and getting your fingerprints taken. Make sure you clearly state the purpose of your request. If you are processing your application through AllCleared, we will provide you with a list of accredited places where you can get your fingerprints taken.

Sealing a criminal record

In Canada, persons with criminal records can apply to seal their record after the waiting period has passed. The waiting period is:

Five years: Summary offences

Ten years: Indictable offences

Once your record is sealed, you can pass background checks without worry, which will assist you finding jobs, volunteering, applying for visas, getting licences, joining professional organizations and accessing other opportunities.

(Note that a Record Suspension will not help you cross the US border because they maintain their own databases.)

If you are ready to seal your record and move forward with your career and future, contact AllCleared today to get started at 1-866-972-7366.