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Do I have a criminal record?

You have a criminal record if you committed an offence as an adult and were convicted in a court of law. If you are over the age of 18 and have been convicted of a criminal offence, you do have a criminal record. Learn more.

What will the check show me?

This service runs a background check of your criminal history. A Criminal Record Check determines if an individual has been charged/convicted of a criminal offence, or, if there are other outstanding conditions.

While the service can confirm the existence of your record, the details can only be provided by submission of fingerprints at your local police.

How long are my results valid?

Your results do not include expiry dates on completed checks. It is the discretion of the organization to establish guidelines related to recent and acceptable checks.

How fast will I get results?

Average turnaround time is less than 4 hours.

How do you verify my identity?

LiveVideoID, ScreeningCanada’s proprietary video identification service, approved by Canadian police services, allows candidates to easily authenticate their ID from ANYWHERE using their laptop, their desktop, or most importantly using their smartphone!

The background check service follows a strict compliance-based process that has been approved by our national police partners and adheres to RCMP guidelines.

Where do you get your information from?

The information is provided by an authorized Canadian Police Agency with  numerous police departments across Canada to obtain Name-based Criminal Record Checks from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC).

Will a credit check affect my credit score?

Criminal background checks are “soft hits”. These inquiries don’t affect your score because they aren’t connected to attempts to get more credit.

Am I bondable with a criminal record?

No, you may not be bondable with a criminal record. However, you may be able to become bondable with a Record Suspension. If a company asks if you are bondable, you must answer “no” if you have a criminal record. Learn more.

Can I get a job with a criminal record?

You can get a job with a criminal record, but it might become an obstacle if a background check is required. Many employers, particularly in large organizations, will run a criminal record check before hiring a new person. Learn more.

How do you seal a criminal record?

To seal a criminal record you need to make an application to the Parole Board of Canada. A Record Suspension means the criminal record is removed from police databases. Learn more.

Can I become a Canadian citizen if I have a criminal record?

Yes, you can become a Canadian citizen if you have a criminal record. However, the path will be more complicated. The Government of Canada takes note of convictions both inside the country and outside. Learn more.

What is a summary offence?

A summary offence is a less serious offence. It’s similar to the American concept of “misdemeanour”, but not exactly the same. In Canada, criminal offences are divided into two major categories: summary or indictable. Learn more.

Can a landlord ask for a criminal record check?

Yes, in some cases a landlord can ask for a criminal record check. Even if you are a great tenant with good references, your criminal record may make your potential landlord think twice. Learn more.

Do I have a criminal record with a conditional discharge?

You may have a criminal record with a discharge if it happened less than three years ago. A conditional discharge is not a conviction, but it is evidence of guilt. As a matter of law, it will appear on your criminal record for three years. Learn more.

What is an indictable offence?

An indictable offence is an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada that carries more serious penalties. This often includes jail time. If you were convicted of an indictable offence, you must wait 10 years after the completion of your sentence before requesting a pardon. Learn more.

When can a criminal record be expunged?

When a criminal record can be expunged depends on the nature of the record. A criminal conviction record stays with you unless you take steps to receive a Record Suspension, also called a pardon. more.

Can my military record be pardoned?

Yes, your military record can be pardoned after the Record Suspension process. When your criminal record is suspended, your service record will also be amended. Learn more.

Why would I need my police profile deleted?

You may need to have your police file deleted if it is still showing up on record checks. A Police File Deletion is a process that removes records of non-convictions such as withdrawn, stayed, or discharged offences. Learn more.

Can a criminal record affect adoption?

Yes, a criminal record can affect adoption. It is recommended that you apply for a Canadian pardon (Record Suspension) before you make an application. Learn more.

What if I have been charged but not convicted?

If you have been charged but not convicted of a criminal offence, you may still have a criminal record. These charges can show up as dismissed, withdrawn, stayed, or discharged on your federal criminal record. Learn more.

Is a DUI on a background check?

Yes, a DUI will appear on a background check. This is because a DUI is considered a criminal offence in Canada. To remove it, you will need to apply for a Record Suspension. Learn more.

How do I clear my criminal record?

If you have any offences that you feel are old or minor and prevent you from life’s opportunities, or you would like to clear your record, please visit us here where you can learn how to obtain a pardon.